What should be paid attention to maintain NY DVD duplication system

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What should be paid attention to maintain NY DVD duplication system

Post  Admin on Wed May 12, 2010 1:23 am

Try to keep NY DVD duplication system of reservoir level, light, reading, and writing products to maintain a dish of steady state, this to reduce noise and stable engraved plate can benefit a lot in installation and NY DVD duplication system to pay attention to this point when the hardware. Try to keep clean, photoelectric product NY DVD duplication system for dust is very annoying, special NY DVD duplication system in burn cd-r/W dish, NY DVD duplication system misbalanced through audio cd-r/W high power laser to launch the "write" information, fall in the laser head of dust in the intense laser irradiation and minor sintering phenomenon. We recommend that users don't try to be the tray popup stranded outside for a long time, can avoid dust into the fuselage inside, especially for Beijing more should pay attention to the user, because of the weather in Beijing is very much sand. Use reliable quality cd-r blanks, poor quality of plate burning can shorten your life, then the burners to "pick up penny wise, pound foolish" uneconomic, therefore, cd-r blanks in the choice should try to choose the brand product, another giant, also can try different categories and brand, carve out that suits your NY DVD duplication system from the blanks. Note the cooling, heat NY DVD duplication system will lead to bad disk failure, but also engraved NY DVD duplication system will lead to life, especially in the hot summer, this problem is more outstanding. Therefore, the NY DVD duplication system in use process should pay attention to the problem, try to avoid heat for a long time, generally the imported carving three's should let burners rest.

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