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It is important to remember that, generally, you can easily make two or three full sets of discs in your GA CD/DVD duplicator tower each hour (depending on the amount of information the original contains). So the first decision that you need to make when selecting a new GA CD/DVD duplicator is how many targets, or writing drives, you need. The typical DVD duplication system will burn DVDs at approximately 18 times normal speed, so it is easy to create multiple runs in an hour. Another consideration is whether you would like your GA CD/DVD duplicator to include a hard drive. If you will need to create multiple batches of a disc over time, a hard drive can make the process easier. Finally, it is important that your system use name brand components such as Sony or Pioneer DVD burners. Generally, towers hold anywhere from 2 to 11 GA CD/DVD duplicator in addition to a master read-only drive. Once you have decided what you need in a GA CD/DVD duplicator tower UTI Mall is ready to connect you with the right unit at a great price.
GA DVD duplication system


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