What Is The Best CD/DVD Duplicator On Sale

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What Is The Best CD/DVD Duplicator On Sale Empty What Is The Best CD/DVD Duplicator On Sale

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In the IL CD/DVD duplicator controller first from cd-rom or dvd-rom drives in the mirror to read the original disk drive, data and the data transmission to more than points each IL CD/DVD duplicator, control all the IL CD/DVD duplicator synchronous duplicate CDR/DVDR blanks, by using high-speed drive, so fast, not easy to generate data buffer load operation and improve the copy of the error rate.

Some IL CD/DVD duplicator on market at present most has the following functions: also can be copied many cd-rom. Support multiple cd-rom format can duplicate music CD, VCD, DVD, MINI - data CD, DVD format has written many simulation, test functions, ensure duplicate piece of CD. Each IL CD/DVD duplicator, even by separate module control, individual bad fortune of other IL CD/DVD duplicator can continue normal duplicate. Rate can choose 1, 2, 4 speed... At present the most high for 40 speed.

IL CD/DVD duplicator and convenient operation performance due to stable and reliable, easy maintenance, especially suitable for small batch and multiple varieties, short cycle of CD manufacturing and production, is teaching center, software company, radio and television center, colleges and universities, the organization department of electronic information center, the best choice.
Along with the rapid development of IT industry, multimedia technology is updated ceaselessly, multimedia information storage is in constant growth, more and more data backup will be users need to solve problems. In numerous storage method, CD storage capacity, because its price cheap and advantages of long duration and become the first IL CD/DVD duplicator is many users should be far from the product. machine can completely from the CD, don't use the computer can be finished by computer CD, cd-roms, VCD, DVD, etc. Various CD replication and IL CD/DVD duplicator can automatically adjust according to user's need to copy.

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